Being Active in Clearwater

An Active Destination

Beach Walk

The recently completed and pedestrian friendly Beach Walk is a beautiful promenade winding along the white sands of Clearwater Beach. It is perfect for a short run, bike ride and hike, or even for a leisurely sunset stroll to take in the beauty of the surrounding beachside paradise. Linking the beach with the dozens of restaurants, bars, shops, hotels and motels lining the main road, Beach Walk is an ideal place to spend some time exploring Clearwater Beach. Paying homage to the plethora of turtles who flock to the beach for mating and breeding each year, every shower is topped by a cheerful turtle statue.

Pinellas Trail

The Pinellas Trail is a linear park and recreation trail that is open to active people of all ages and skill levels. The Trail has recently been remapped and improved to provide an easily accessible place for people to enjoy their favorite outdoor fitness activities. The trail’s natural beauty enhances any morning or afternoon exercise and is sure to provide the added incentive to get active!

Caladesi Island

Caladesi Island State Park, just north of Clearwater Beach, is one of the last remaining un-touched natural islands in Florida, looking just as it did a hundred years ago. The gorgeous park is accessible on foot during low tide and can be reached by boat at other times. Caladesi is home to a three mile long trail in the shade of tangling mangroves and provides a glimpse into Florida’s natural rustic beauty. For water lovers, kayaking through the mangroves is an amazing experience not to be missed. After all that exertion, the island’s beautifully unspoiled beaches invite guests to lie down and relax.

Water Sports

Water sports and aquatic activities are abundant in Clearwater and available for all skill and adventure levels. The Gulf of Mexico’s crystal clear, calm and temperate waters are home to a number of reefs as well as tons of fish, dolphins and other aquatic life, including hometown delicacy and tourist favorite, grouper. From tranquil time spent snorkeling, amazing scuba diving explorations and relaxing swims to adrenaline filled speed boat and jet-ski rides, daring parasailing excursions and skill testing sailing missions, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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Segway Tours

The future has arrived in Clearwater! Segways were once considered to be science fiction, but not so anymore. A number of rental and tour companies right on the beach allow guests to experience this unique and fun mode of transportation in one of the country’s most beautiful locations. The individual Segway tours differ slightly from one another, but all of them offer safety training, qualified guides, scenic rides and a great time not soon to be forgotten. A great way to take in the beautiful vistas and sunny weather Clearwater has to offer.


The Gulf of Mexico’s calm waters are well known for excellent year round fishing, and Clearwater offers the perfect starting point for half and full day excursions. Depending on the fishing season, guests can catch all sorts of different species, but most notably the local favorites grouper and snapper. Other offshore fish such as kingfish, cobia, tuna, amberjack, Spanish mackerel, barracuda, mahi, as well as dolphins and sharks seasonally migrate through the deep waters of the Gulf and can all be found at different times of the year. Clearwater offers fishing opportunities for all skill levels, from complete novice to avid angler, and everywhere in between. For those visitors who haven’t quite gotten their sea legs, Pier 60 is an ideal spot to sink a line without ever having to get wet!

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