Clearwater Marine Aquarium to Expand With a Mission For Rehabilitating Additional Wildlife

New York, NY – April 19, 2016 –The Clearwater Marine Aquarium has announced its plans to expand in an effort to support its main mission to rescue, rehabilitate and release animals back into the wild.

Following the success of the wildly popular Dolphin Tale films, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium has seen a dramatic increase in tourism, with more than 800,000 visitors annually. The aquarium’s continued success has enabled workers to accommodate an increasing number of injured wildlife, and the expansion will allow them to care for even more.

The expansion project will include a two-story dolphin pool, allowing the aquarium to take in seven more dolphins for rehabilitation. It will also include coral reef exhibits, lab rooms, a 437-space parking garage, a food court, a theater and two four-story towers, which will house animal life support systems. Ticket sales continue to support the aquarium’s conservation methods, and the new expansion will accompany Clearwater’s rising tourism numbers.

Also new to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a web-based reality TV series, “Rescue-Clearwater,” which goes behind the real-life work at Clearwater Marine Aquarium every 1st of the month.

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium continues to be a leader in animal welfare, scientific research, and veterinary care. The Aquarium is nationally recognized for its groundbreaking work in marine rescue, rehabilitation, and release, as well as education and animal-assisted therapy research. Injured animals include sperm whales, dolphins, stingrays, sea turtles, otters and more. Visitors are granted in-depth tours from the operating tables of its marine animal hospital to the surgical suites, and children can volunteer to be trainers for a day. More than an aquarium, the CMA is also a non-profit organization working to conserve aquatic environments and animals.

About Clearwater
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